L’anel qui faisoit les vis grans et roides

  Haiseaus says that there’s a man
Who had a marvelous ring.
As long as he had it on his finger
4 His member kept growing.
One day he was riding through the plain
And he found a fountain.
He got down from his horse when he saw it.
8 And sat next to it.
He washed his hands and his face
And he took his ring off.
And when it pleased him, he stood up.
12 But he forgot his ring on the grass.
A bishop was passing through.
As soon as he saw the fountain,
he got down and found the ring.
16 He found it very beautiful,
And without waiting, he put it on his finger.
The member began to stretch
When he had had it there a little while.
20 Behold the bishop remounted!
He was in very great discomfort
From the member, which was so tensed,
He didn’t go far without it stretching more.
24 Rather, it kept growing
So much did it grow and tense
That his pants were going to burst.
The bishop shamefully
28 Showed the happening to his people
But none there could realize
That it was the ring that did it.
It grew so much, it dragged the ground.
32 He asked his counsel to look
For man or woman who could help,
And who could fix it back.
The man who had lost the ring
36 Heard about this marvel.
To the bishop he came straight away,
And asked what he would give him
of his own, if he could heal him.
40 He, who had suffered too much,
Said to him, “All to your ability!”
“I will have,” he says, “by covenant
Your two rings first
44 And 100 pounds of your money.”
When the rings were pulled out
The member quickly retired:
Before he got his 100 pounds,
48 The bishop was relieved.
And the deal was very suitable
As both were very happy!
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