Le vilain asnier

It happened once in Montpellier
That a peasant was accustomed
to loading and collecting manure
4 To his two donkeys to the dung heap.
One day he had loaded his donkeys.
Immediately without delay,
He entered into the town, leading his donkeys
8 Before him, driving them with great pain:
Often it was necessary to say, “Hey!”
He was doing this that he entered
Into the road of the spicers.
12 The young men were beating the morters.
And when he smelled the spices
That if one were to give him 100 marks of silver
He would not go forward another step.
16 Thus he swooned quickly
As if he had died.
Thus was large the discomfort
Of the people, who say, “God have mercy!
20 See this man who is dead here!”
And they did not know why
the donkeys were so quiet
In the middle of the road voluntarily
24 Because the donkey is accustomed
To go where he is summoned.
A gentleman who was there,
Who was in the road,
28 Over there came to ask
What the people around him saw.
“Lords.” He says, if no one wants
To cure this good man,
32 I will cure him for a little consideration.”
Immediately, a burgher said to him,
“Heal him completely immediately,
you can have 20 sous from me.”
36 And he responded, “Gladly!”
Thus he took the fork he carried
With which he chased the donkeys.
From the manure he took a shovel full
40 And brought it to his nose.
And when he smelled the fragrance of manure
And lost the odor of the herbs
He opens his eyes and jumps up.
44 And said he was completely cured.
He is very happy and jas joy
Ad says that he will not come in that place
ever, if he could go somewhere else.
48 And by this I want to show
That he does with sense and moderation
Who pride denatures.
No one must go against his nature.
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