Le Preudome qui rescolt son compere de noier

  Once there was a fisherman
Who went to sea one day:
In a boat, he threw his net.
4 He looked, and he saw before him
A man very close to drowning.
This man was very noble and agile.
He [the first man] jumped to his feet and took a hook,
8 He stands and hits the other one in the face,
Stuck it in the middle of the eye;
He pulled him to the boat,
And went back without waiting.
12 He left his nets stretched out
and he had him brought to his house.
He served him and honored him
Until he had recovered completely.
16 For a long time, the other recalled
that he had lost an eye,
And that things had gone poorly:
“This peasant poked my eye out,
20 And I didn’t do anything about it.
I will sue him
To do him wrong and annoy him.”
And thus he makes a claim to the mayor
24 And he [the mayor] sets a date.
Both waited for the day
Until they went to court.
The one who lost his eye
28 Went before, as is right.
“Lords,” he says, “I am plaintiff
Of this man who three days ago
Struck me excessively with a hook.
32 The eye was removed, and I am sorry.
Do right by me no more I ask.
I don’t know what more I can tell you.”
The other responds without waiting
36 “Sire, this I cannot deny,
I poked his eye out.
But I wish to show you how it was after,
how it was, if I was wrong.
40 This man was in danger
In the sea and would have died.
I helped him, I don’t seek to deny,
With a hook that was mine.
44 But I did it for his good,
In order to save his life.
I don’t know what more to say.
Do right by me for the love of God.
48 They stopped all dismayed
Together to judge the law,
When a fool was in the court
told them, “Why do you hesitate?
52 This man who talked first,
Let him be put back in the sea
there where the other truck him in the face;
So if he can escape,
56 The other one must pay for the eye.
A just judgment, it seems to me!”
When they cried together,
“You have said well! It won’t be undone!
60 So the judgment was pronounced.
When he heard that he would be
Put back in the sea
Where he suffered cold and waves
64 He would not go back for all the world.
The good man abandoned his suit
And was blamed by many.

For you who have heard all

68 That loses his time who serves scoundrels.
Redeeming a thief from the gallows
When he has done his crime.
Never will he be grateful to you.
73 Bad things to him who does good,
All forgotten, nothing is there
Except to be gladly ready
76 To do evil and annoyance
If he comes near him.
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